About the Sf Eagle

The SF Eagle is a brand that has grown to embody the heritage of the venue it supports.  Established in 1984 as one of the first “Leather” bars,  the SF Eagle caters to the local LGBTQ+ community.  The SF Eagle gained a reputation for its ultra-masculine patronage, initially a stark contrast to popular conceptions of gay men in the early 1980’s. 

Through remarkable periods of exuberance, revolutions in cultural expression, and the profound hardship of the AIDS epidemic, the SF Eagle remains as an enduring symbol of pride to the LGBTQ+ community in San Francisco’s West SoMa district.  

Over the past 40 years,  the SF Eagle has emerged as a rallying point, and community hub, attracting  a vibrant and evolving patronage that make the venue an integral part of San Francisco’s diverse character on the frontier of human social expression.   

A Spiritual Franchise

There are a number of clubs, in cities across America that take on the Eagle name.   Borrowing from the strength and inherent affection for a classically American symbol, the Eagle brand is a spiritual franchise, prominent in the cultural awareness of the community it serves, with each bar in their respective cities remaining independently operated establishments.

A Cultural Landmark

The SF Eagle has played a major part in Pride celebrations, the Leather Pride Parade and the emergence of the Folsom Street Fair and the Dore Alley Fair, including the largest community gatherings in San Francisco, drawing millions of tourists to the city annually.  Many local fraternal organizations rely on the venue as a meeting place, both formally and informally, to raise contributions at charitable events, recruit membership and communicate their mission, values and function.  The club also sponsors local amateur sports teams, and holds an annual contest to elect “Mr. SF Eagle Leather” as a participant in the International Mr. Leather (“IML”) competition.  These efforts along with many other spontaneous and seasonal expressions of joy, underscore the substantial influence the SF Eagle has had in shaping local traditions, the tourist trade and the regional economy.

The SF Eagle is a counterpoint to mainstream culture, while sharing many of the same ideals supporting strength in community, the value of diversity, and a commitment to improving the quality of life and the expression of joy for those identifying as LGBTQ+ and the people that care about them, wherever they may be.

The SF Eagle’s mission is to preserve the legacy, history and traditions of the LGBTQ+ and Leather communities it was created to serve, and to provide and protect a safe and supportive environment allowing its patronage the freedom to be exactly who they are.

The bar has transitioned through changes of ownership in its forty-year history, while retaining its central role as a focal point for the local community.  In 2012, the bar was acquired by its current owner Lex Montiel.  An avid proponent of the Leather community in San Francisco, Lex carries on the traditions and values that contribute to the venue’s loyal patronage.

In 2019, the City of San Francisco authorized the establishment of a new city park, the Eagle Plaza, adjacent to the legendary bar, in honor of the SF Eagle’s proud history.  A trustee was established, The Friends of Eagle Plaza, to honor and provide a perpetual and consistent level of oversight, protecting the public park, the fifty foot flag pole, the leather pride banner and the landscaped grounds into the future.

The SF Eagle brand gains substantial equity from this association, where authenticity and cultural heritage are attributes highly-valued by the community in which the bar is embedded.

Mr. Montiel has assembled an experienced team of supporting personel, assisting with technology & social media, events planning and promotions, operational management and community engagement.

Technology and social media play major roles in the successful execution of any brand strategy, and are no less important to traditional brick and mortar businesses with brands so strongly associated with the venues they support.

We create motivation to discover what exists beyond the limitations of a tiny screen.  We worry about details that never stand in the way, so that the way is clear for you to stand for who you were meant to be.

We are storytellers and philosophers, willing to share your dreams, set aside your frustrations and, for a moment, remember the joy of a Friday in Summer in the backseat of a station-wagon, laughing with friends.

Experience allows us to manage the space we have, seemingly without the substantial effort required to transform shyness into comfortable association, apathy into abiding interest and sarcastic wit into delightful innuendo. 

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