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We love it when our patrons have important moments they like to share with a few words, or a photo, or even a video.  We’ve made it especially easy for people to do that using the red button at the top of our website.  It only takes a moment and when you do, you’ll get our brand of kudos called Eagle Feathers (for Patrons who sign-up with their email address, so we know how many feathers you have when you want to trade them.  If an extra-terrestrial trades you a ‘deed’ to a large section of outer space for your Eagle feathers, well, that’s on you, of course. (Hold onto the feathers. They are definitely worth more than large tracts of outer space… for sure.)

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Patron's Voice

I had a great time at The Eagle yesterday 6/25/22 for Pride weekend I bought a great plate of food for $5.00 the people all got along .Happy Pride Month folks !!!!!
Deanna Green
134 reviews
Great space to meet up with friends. The Eagle has a fantastic outdoor space, pool table, four bars, and lots of elbow room. The outdoor space has an elevated section that overlooks the main area of the outdoor space.
Robb Alonzo
155 reviews·340 photos
The SF Eagle doesn’t have a little, it has a LOT of something for EVERYONE! Whether it’s hanging with the leather community, meeting a new pup , dancing to disco on a Sunday after its famous beer bust of course, karaoke Wednesdays, the make out party, so many events happen at the SF eagle that their truly is something for everyone. Everyone is welcome and everyone is respectful. Make sure you are too! Love this place, they treat you like family! Pictures taken by myself.
Stephen Kling
16 reviews·17 photos

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We work with other local organizations that share our love of Leather because when the neighbors we’re close to do well, everyone benefits.

We feel particularly good about recommending these remarkable organizations to any who may share the SF Eagle’s love of San Francisco’s Leather community.  If you do, we know you’ll totally agree.  (I mean, you could pretend you didn’t like whatever it was, and argue the point over beers just to test us, and we’d just say ok and make it right, but seriously, you’d just be doing it for the beer, which would be kinda silly… right?)  Take a look…

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