What kind of ‘Leather Daddy’ are you?

Each of us has a bit of a Leather Daddy inside, whatever our relative experience, maturity, aggressiveness, or gender may be.  

We’ve identified ten (10) traits that exemplify “Leather Daddies,” each with a special quality that embodies masculinity wrapped in a tight fitting, multi-layered package of black leather trimmed with chromium steel.  

Our ‘full-spectrum’ personality assessment attempts to shed light on your inner Leather Daddy, through a series of diagnostic questions that are designed to reflect and draw out this aspect of your character.  

(Methodology: This diagnostic tool relies on a great deal of scientific research, sophisticated machine-based ‘deep-learning’ algorithms and a dash of (somewhat subjective) personal life experience to make the results of this assessment effectively undeniable. Eight out of ten San Francisco-based Leather Daddies surveyed agree, our personality assessment will not only tell you what kind of Leather Daddy you are 98.24% of the time, it will also correctly assess your sexual orientation in 72.86% of cases, based on exit polling.**)

(**note: our results proved inconclusive in cases including poles shorter than 5” and/or restricted to exiting criteria.)

  • Question of

    How many items made of Leather do you typically wear when you go out for a casual drink with friends?

    • One – (After all, nothing say’s Leather Daddy better than a man wearing only a cockrig?)
    • Two – (Leather on your body is like credit cards in your wallet. When you’re the real thing, who needs more than two?)
    • Three to seven – (Leather is about having just the right combination of gear to make your look, no more, no less.)
    • Eight or more – (Leather is genuine armor, if it doesn’t take an hour or more to put on or take off, then it isn’t Leather. Authentic masculinity is complicated and hard.).

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  • Question of

    If you were allowed to wear only one Leather item while attending BLUF at the SF Eagle, which would it be?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Classic Leather Jacket from Gear Leather – (I’m naked at home, where I always feel free, but I wear a Leather Jacket at the bar, when I need to feel expensive.)

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