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    Hanky Code Quiz

    The handkerchief, or hanky, code developed in the 1970s as a way for gay men looking for casual sex to indicate what sex act and position they were seeking via the display of a handkerchief of a certain color, and in a certain back pocket. The modern Hanky Code includes a number of colors to signal what you’re into.  Let’s see how well you know what people are flagging.  More

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    What kind of ‘Leather Daddy’ are you?

    Each of us has a bit of a Leather Daddy inside, whatever our relative experience, maturity, aggressiveness, or gender may be.   We’ve identified ten (10) traits that exemplify “Leather Daddies,” each with a special quality that embodies masculinity wrapped in a tight fitting, multi-layered package of black leather trimmed with chromium steel.   Our […] More