SF Eagle Blue Steel “T-Shirt”


The SF Eagle “Blue Steel” T-Shirt with blue, red and silver branding.  Special Attributes:  stealthy and strong, with the steely look of blue that will make you feel as bulletproof to social stereotyping as your Facebook social-graph could never promise. (*does not protect wearer against exposure to vacuum, fast-moving projectiles or kryptonite.)

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Blending the raw strength and durability often associated with the cobalt color of raw steel, the SF Eagle “Blue Steel” T-Shirt absorbs only good vibes, while those with even a hint of prickliness simply bounce off it’s otherwise soft and contoured exterior.  Rest assured, the Blue Steel T from the SF Eagle would be practically bulletproof even while being worn by Clark Kent. In fact, this T-shirt has few weaknesses compared to other tops, and will stand up to extreme bending, submerging in water, radiation exposure, desiccation, loud noises, threats and even overt ridicule.  Moreover, it cannot be injured by hanging, crushing, violent shaking or extreme changes in humidity and air pressure.  It may even survive direct exposure to the cold vacuum of outer space.

These T-Shirts are made of 100% cotton, are pre-shrunk, color-fast and have that cool to the touch feel, along with that new T-Shirt smell that screams undeniably fresh the moment you put it on.  Within minutes, the cotton warms up and softens around you, becoming something at once familiar and form-fitting, as the fibers snuggle up to what you’re putting out.

More than a second skin, this T-Shirt wears like body armor gilded with fairy magic, casually letting anyone in the know into your privy circle of intimacy, while projecting a hardened tough-person image to the unwashed throngs of unsuspecting straight-binary-muggles who think you’ve joined a biker gang.

That’s the SF Eagle “Blue Steel” T-Shirt, and you can work that shit all day for the remarkably reasonable price you see right here:

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