Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Bands and Artists Portal?

The Bands and Artists portal is an online repository that let's performers at the SF Eagle share promotional material, digital assets, and media with the bar. Importantly, these include data, slides, animations, audio and video supporting live performances. Artists can use this portal to securely manage scheduling, update bios, coordinate with SF Eagle staff and other performers to manage promotional material that patrons can interact with on the web and in the bar.

Is the Bands and Artists Portal the only way to manage content and promotions at the SF Eagle? Do Artists have to use this Portal to submit content?

Artists are encouraged to use this portal, however, the SF Eagle will do whatever is necessary to support your best possible performance. We accept USB drives and can help with onsite updates and data transfers before, during and after scheduled events.

How secure is the data submitted online or on-site?

Artists and/or their agents are provided with secure account access where they may send and receive "non-confidential" data, and provide marketing materials intended for public display and consumption. Every effort is made to maintain this data, and utilize it strictly for the purposes intended by the Artists. However, no such service is risk-free. While we regard these risks as manageable, there remains the risk of data loss, data theft, corrupted data, loss of accountability, loss of control, privacy issues and government oversight. These risks may include both domestic and foreign entities, that are beyond the scope of the SF Eagle to mitigate. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details on how we manage shared access to this data online and off.

Where do performers go for help with submitting data, digital files and promotional material?

This service is intended to provide a self-managed method for maintaining band and artist data necessary to support performances at the SF Eagle. Limited support is available by contacting the SF Eagle staff member assigned as your host for the event, or by emailing support directly at [email protected] with a detailed description of your issue.

How is registration and access managed? Where do Artists go to get access?

Artists, their agents or a designated member of the band should contact the SF Eagle staff member assigned to them for instructions on how to register and access the Bands and Artists Portal.
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