SF Eagle Classic White “T-Shirt”

Classics are classics for one reason: because they are just as awesome now as they have been from the beginning.  That’s definitely true for the SF Eagle Classic T-Shirt.  Besides being a wearable milestone, which tells the world you’ve “genuinely been there,” it bestows on the wearer an aura of edginess that also says, “You better think twice before taking this T-shirt from me, buddy.

These T-Shirts are made of 100% cotton, are pre-shrunk, color-fast and have that cool to the touch feel, along with that new T-Shirt smell that screams undeniably fresh the moment you put it on.  Within minutes, the cotton warms up and softens around you, becoming something at once familiar and form-fitting, as the fibers snuggle up to what you’re putting out.

More than a second skin, this T-Shirt wears like body armor gilded with fairy magic, casually letting anyone in the know into your privy circle of intimacy, while projecting a hardened tough-person image to the unwashed throngs of unsuspecting straight-binary-muggles who think you’ve joined a biker gang.  That’s the SF Eagle Classic T-Shirt, and you can work that shit all day for the remarkably reasonable price you see right here:

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