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Sign-up for the Mr. SF Eagle Leather ‘23 contest! You could be the next Mr. SF Eagle Leather, if you have what it takes to be a symbol of pride.

It’s not easy being this cocky, I’ve got a bunch of ‘on-demand’ gigs being a symbol, and, let me tell you, soldier, objectification is the beach-head of pride. And the chicks dig it!… ahem... now.. now... don't get your feathers all ruffled, soldier. Where I come from, ‘chicks’ are gender neutral.

Are you ready for it?

Yeah, it’s almost that time, Folsom is almost upon us.  It’s time to polish those boots and stretch those leather chaps.  You better hurry, or I’m telling Daddy and when he gets back in town, you’re going to get it!  (… you lucky thing… )

Celebrate Leather Pride

Leather Pride Week is a “can’t miss” experience for any who would truly appreciate San Francisco.  There is simply no other time in human history and no place better than San Francisco to witness such an epic celebration of sexual freedom organized by a diverse culture that demonstrates how important tolerance and mutual respect are to future of our species.

Nowhere are these values more apparent than during San Francisco’s annual Folsom Street Fair, the world’s largest leather event, on Sunday, September 25th, 2022. Whether you’re simply looking for a new experience or well-versed in the art of kink and geared-up for Leather, you’ll have a great time at this one-of-kind annual celebration.

Highlights of Leather Pride Week

So many interesting things happen during Leather Pride Week that it’s hard to figure out what to do first. The attendees often come dressed in their best gear, proudly donning latex, leather, rubber and other fetish apparel.  Unlike just about any other city on the planet, nudity is permitted within the confines of the fair.  You’ll see some truly dazzling displays of body paint and other personal accessories that, in only the barest sense, stand between self-expression and imagination. If  you’ve ever enjoyed people-watching, here is an opportunity to see amazing people who are quite talented at garnering attention.  Hundreds of vendors display a wide range of hand-made and niche products, from monogrammed leather whips to exquisitely adorned latex dresses. You could spend all day simply walking from booth to booth discovering novel things to do with products you’ve never imagined.  The vendors are happy to talk about product safety, proper use, material care, or how to select the right size and fit for whatever grabs your attention.

Should your bucket-list demand to be scratched through first-hand experience, public ‘play stations’ give the curious a chance to satisfy any BDSM itch, from simple knot-tying to the best way to stand while swinging a flogger. You can also see some truly mesmerizing performances at the erotic artists’ stage, giving you a titillating look into the range of expression practiced by members of San Francisco’s leather and BDSM underground.  Just through osmosis, you’ll gain a much better understanding of San Francisco’s leather community, the wide variety of kinks that it embraces, and an appreciation for the diversity of the subculture.

Many focus on the BDSM and leather attractions, but the music is also exceptional, especially if you’re into electronic dance, alternative artists and indie music.  A central main stage has a variety of live shows performing during the whole fair, adding to the pervasive energy all around. Folsom Street Fair is known for featuring the latest musical talent.  If you want to catch concerts from up and coming performers, definitely make the time to hang-out and enjoy the experience around your favorite genre-inspired sound stage. The public play stations and impromptu side shows may get most of the popular attention, but you may discover that the dance areas and musical repertoire are easier to immerse yourself in and just as memorable for the investment of adrenaline.


Patron's Voice

I had a great time at The Eagle yesterday 6/25/22 for Pride weekend I bought a great plate of food for $5.00 the people all got along .Happy Pride Month folks !!!!!
Deanna Green
134 reviews
Great space to meet up with friends. The Eagle has a fantastic outdoor space, pool table, four bars, and lots of elbow room. The outdoor space has an elevated section that overlooks the main area of the outdoor space.
Robb Alonzo
155 reviews·340 photos
The SF Eagle doesn’t have a little, it has a LOT of something for EVERYONE! Whether it’s hanging with the leather community, meeting a new pup , dancing to disco on a Sunday after its famous beer bust of course, karaoke Wednesdays, the make out party, so many events happen at the SF eagle that their truly is something for everyone. Everyone is welcome and everyone is respectful. Make sure you are too! Love this place, they treat you like family! Pictures taken by myself.
Stephen Kling
16 reviews·17 photos

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